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Best Baking Classes and Bakery Courses in Delhi NCR

Having trouble finding good baking courses in Delhi? Maybe you’ve been looking at the wrong places. Started just a few years back, Truffle Nation’s idea of Hand-on training makes learning a whole lot interesting and easier as you do everything yourself. Plus, with their offer internships to the diploma students means you can further improve your skills and learn how to manage a real business.

The Complete Baker's Diploma

Starting a bakery is no joke. You require not just baking skills but also need to know about pricing items, menu planning, tips to hire staff etc. and that’s exactly what the Baker’s Diploma has been designed to teach you.

4-Weeks Pastry Arts

All those Neo Tarts, Macrons, high tea cakes etc. that you’ve always wanted to bake are covered in the Pastry Art’s course. Plus, you also learn plating and cold set desserts that will take your dessert game to the next level.


Listed here are some of the most popular courses that are suited for both beginners and professionals wanting to improve their skills with high-end baking techniques.

Baking Essentials for Professionals

Want to get some job experience in any of the bakeries in India or abroad? Bake head-chef title worthy cakes, muffins, cookies, etc. and get paid top dollar.

Having Trouble with your Existing Bakery?

You’re Not Alone. And TruffleNation is there to Help!

The Truffle Nation baking school wasn’t built overnight. There was tons of planning, budgeting, training, and marketing involved in making it one of the best baking schools in Delhi. And if you want their team of experts to lend your business a helping hand as well, just hire them and let them do handle the training and planning.

What’s Special About TruffleNation?

You want your money’s worth and with Truffle Nation you get exactly that.

Hands-on Classes

Learn everything the way it was meant to be learned, by doing it yourself. And when you are done baking it, take it home and enjoy the yummy cookies and cakes with your family and friends.

Internship Opportunities

Not a feature common with baking schools but at TruffleNation, the Diploma students have the opportunity to learn further and grow their skills as they are offered internships once all examinations are cleared.

Get Recipe Books

Learning never stops and your basics are something you will carry with you forever. That’s why you are provided with a detailed recipe book and other important theoretical guides.

You Become a Certified Baker

Unlike schools that only provide you with training, at Truffle Nation you also get tangible proof of your training once you clear the examination needed after the certification courses.

Hobby Courses You’d Want to Check Out

If you do not want to be a professional baker, these hobby courses are just what you need.

Cookie Making MasterClass

Gourmet and Cupcake MasterClass

Celebration Cakes MasterClass

Organic Bread MasterClass

Chocolate Artistry

Do you love baking? Are you planning to become a certified baker?

Well, in that case, you need to find a good baking school and take a detailed course to help you better your skills and get the required certification. Luckily, Delhi has some amazing baking schools where you teach from the most basic to advanced baking techniques in just a few weeks.

And out of all these amazing baking schools, Truffle Nation comes out at the top and is the best choice for amateurs and professional bakers. At this school, you not only learn the baking techniques but also learn how to prepare a bakery menu and price the goods which can, in turn, help you start your own bakery. Sounds amazing right?

Well, there is a lot more which makes Truffle Nation a good choice for anyone who wants to become a baker. Read on to know why Truffle Nation is the best choice for enrolling in bakery courses in Delhi.

Courses Offered at Truffle Nation


There are several short courses in the art of cake making, cookie making, chocolate making, and so on which take place for 3-4 days. But if you are serious about baking then here are the 3 popular courses to choose at Truffle Nation.

Baking Essentials for Professional Bakers Course 

This is the perfect course for people who want to become professional bakers and work full time in a baking kitchen. Comprising of a total of 4 weeks of modules, you will start with the basics of baking in this course. So, you will learn about all the equipment and ingredients used in baking and the reason behind it.

Next, you will learn how to make different types of cookies and store it properly so that it doesn’t go stale. This course will also cover 25 types of baked goods that you create and will also teach you how to make celebration cakes.

Baker’s Diploma Course

Baker’s Diploma Course is the perfect choice for people who want to start their own bakery and need some hands-on experience for it.

So, in this course, you will cover all the modules of the Baking Essentials for Professional Bakers course. After that, you will be introduced to complex baked goods like macaroons, Crème Brule, and so on. You will also learn the Fondant art in this course and will be able to make fondant fruit, chocolate fondant, and a variety of other fondant related items.

In their last module, you will be taught the art of making chocolate and will have become a complete chocolatier by the end of it.

And finally, you will learn budgeting, menu preparation, etc. in the 1-month internship which will prepare you to start your own bakery.

Pastry Art Course

This 4-week course is perfect for people who want to become a certified pastry chef. There are 4 modules in this course which covers everything from high tea cakes to macaroons to neo tarts. And you will also learn how to prepare modern gateau and gelato along with the art of making your dessert look presentable.

Advantages of Joining a Bakery Course at Truffle Nation

Truffle Nation is a good choice for learning baking, pastry making, and chocolate making due to a number of reasons.

First of all, this baking school offers a variety of both long-term and short-term courses which cater to the needs of a huge audience. So, if you are looking to learn how to bake cakes or decorate cakes or make pies, you can take the short courses which usually last for 4-5 days.

But if you are serious about your career as a baker, patissier, or a chocolatier then you have diploma courses for those as well. Each of these courses has a set of modules which are taught to the students carefully and attentively. And once you complete the course, you can also apply for the certification which can be later used to avail a loan with the bank for opening your own bakery.

That’s not all though, all these courses include hands-on sessions which help in a better understanding of the art of baking. So, you learn how to bake by actually baking in the class and can even take the finished product at home to share with your friends and family.

Once you have completed a course and have passed the certification exam, you can also get a 1-month internship with the Truffle Nation baking school. In this internship period, you learn how a bakery kitchen works which can greatly help you in getting a job in a bakery or starting your own bakery.

Now, you might be wondering what all do you need to bring to the bakery classes here? Well, the answer is nothing. That’s right! You don’t need to bring anything to class because Truffle Nation takes care of all your equipment and ingredients. From apron to measuring cups, you will get everything here for your baking classes.

Another thing which makes Truffle Nation a good choice for aspiring bakers is that it doesn’t focus just on teaching the recipes. At Truffle Nation, you first understand the science of baking which is usually covered in their theoretical classes. This helps you to experiment while baking and come up with your own versions of cakes, cookies, etc.

Also, did you know that you can pay the course fee in installments here? That’s correct, you don’t have to burst your ass to pay the entire fee in one go. You can pay 50% before the classes and then the remaining amount can be paid during the course duration.

And the best part is that if you are confused about which bakery course to choose for yourself or your bakery team then you can give them a call. The experts here will help you choose the right course and will also help to train your staff so that you can run your bakery smoothly.

Here’s what Students have to say about Truffle Nation

TruffleNation had been offering some amazing discounts during the Diwali period thus I decided to join the Organic Bread MasterClass and within those few days I knew this is the place to be. Hence I quickly signed up for the Baker’s Essential Certificate course and having time learning tons of new stuff everyday. Arvind

Opting for the Baker’s Diploma course is the best decision I made this year. Since I completed my Internship after course I have been working on setting my own bakery in New Delhi and have never felt so confident about it before. Tullika

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